1982 Suzuki GS-850

    Once I got used to the weight of this thing ( and it being up high ) I really enjoyed it. It had previously been owned by an engineer that did endurance racing. This was his day-to-day bike - 50 miles each way to work for five years plus trips. I got it for a great price because it had sooo many miles on it. Other people wouldn't even consider it. It was very well maintained and proved to be a great bike for all the years I had it.

    Vibration of the four cylinder proved to be a real benefit. My doctors seemed to 'agree' this kind of vibration actually could be helping my arthritis.

    The Windjammer V ( the one with the flush turnsignals ) came with the bike. I had the seat redone - with no stitches where you sit - done in one hour over nighttime lunchtime - in a little shop near my warehouse. They made time for me as this was my only transportation. I did also find a factory rear fender extension - rare. Added a mud flap to the front fender too.

    But the big thing was - I found a set of Krauser Stars ( 44l ) virtually new - with a brand new set of mounts, and luggage rack, for this exact bike! Wonderful discovery. They held my old Bell Star with no problem. This shot was while I still had the Eclipse soft luggage mounted.

    I added a medium size neoprene? watertight gun case as my tail trunk - in the same grey as the Krausers too. I found matching fairing lowers at the nearby motorcycle recycler. Added a cruise control to the already mounted Superbike bars and rode this for years. Never did find the case protectors I wanted. Head pipes were sandblasted from years of riding and never replaced. $$$ $  $

    When I had to park it due to other medical problems, it had nearly 178,000 miles on it. Let it go for only $1200. And I miss it today ... for sure.

    I often wonder about getting another old GS - 1100 this time. Or maybe the Kawasaki Voyager 1200 maybe - $$$$. We'll see if I recover medically again. Trike maybe?