1967 Harley-Davidson Sportster

    Well I think I remember it was a '67. Anyway, this photo was taken in 1972. The engine had just been rebuilt, bright yellow paint, gold-leaf dragon with red pinstriped outline. We had fun on it for some time. I sold it when I returned to college full-time as I didn't want it to sit in the parking lot all day long. Likely it would not have sat in the parking lot for very long.

    Only one anecdote for this one. A friend and I were going down a main street here in Phoenix, two in the afternoon, just left a bar, both with open exhaust ... He was on a loong white Panhead chopper ( ahead of its' time ) and I was in the rear. Cop from the rear, lights on, I pull over - he zooms by me and stops my friend.  ? ? ?