PI Photography

Exercises in Extreme Focal Lengths
Minolta X-20 and Leica Televid 77 #2

  ·  Well, here we are at the second set of photos taken with the little Minolta ( 2 megapixel, 3x zoom ). Of course some show the addition of the spotting scope too.

  ·  This is a bit more extreme. The distances approach 7/16 of a  mile  from my position to the final object in the last photo.

  ·  These are still handheld and the instability shows in the photos. I hope to have some mount made soon so as to fix the lens in a centered position on the eyepiece - and much better photos.

  ·  Keep in mind these photos are only reduced in overall size - the same image is what was taken ( unless noted ) and would be larger than the screen you are sitting at now.


    This is simple scene setting at the widest angle of the camera - 37mm equiv - 1x for our use here.
    Notice the body of the spotting scope in the lower part of the frame.
    Also take note of the time of day and temperature of the light.


    Next is a shot with the camera only at full zoom setting - 111mm, 3x.
    You can just see the stop sign in the distance ( center of photo ) - if you look intently. That is about 3/16 mile from my spot.


    Now I add the spotting scope - set at 20x for an overall magnification of 60x with the camera at 3x.
    And remember this photo was taken at a size that is larger than your screen setting, and the sign is about 3/16ths of a  mile from me.
    Notice the other sign in the lower right of the photo - it is one block further away. This photo shows the effect of 'photographic compression' where distant objects appear to be closer together than they really are.


    This photo moves on to the next street of interest - about another 1/4 mile further away. Still handheld at a total of 6660mm or 60x magnification.


    Next shot of the same corner a total of somewhat under 1/2 mile away. 90x


    120x - oops. Moved - hiccuped, slipped, ?? whatever, bad shot. I'll do better next time.


    You must re-focus the scope for each shot at these distances.
    This scope has separate focusing knobs so you could leave the camera attached.
    I may have forgotten to focus - I was sitting in the road. This is taken at 150x


    Now the setting is at 180x and I think I was attempting to get done and out of the road - again a bit out of focus ( and I know it can be better ).
    See substantial vignetting on the left side of the photo from not keeping the camera lens centered on the scope eyepiece.
    The next group will be better for sure.


    This is a cropped section from the above photo.
    So if you were attempting to catch a plate number at this distance, in spite of my mis-steps it could still be read without that much difficulty.
    Chromatic aberration is apparent in all the long distance shots.

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