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Exercises in Extreme Focal Lengths

  •  I put this little demonstration together after I had been playing with various combinations of lenses and digital cameras I had sitting around. There will be more in the future, as I can get to them.
  •  Now that I have a bit of a handle on this I will also keep better information for each of the photos as to focal length, etc.

 Simple combined images from wide angle to inverted.

  •  Here is a little 'teaser' compilation image I put together to start things off.
  •  I've put it here - without any photo information - because I can't remember any. This was one I did just for fun and it began this experimentation.
  •  I suggest you view these in the order presented here until you see what I've done. It may help you get the idea - may help.

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 Equipment used 
 Minolta & Bushnell 
 Sony & Leica 
 Minolta & Leica #1 
 Minolta & Leica #2 

 Minolta & Bushnell #2 
 Minolta & Meade #1 

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  •  Each of these pages are moderate to large in file size, so allow a moment for each choice to load. I've put all the photos for each choice on a long single page so you can scroll up and down the page to see the differences instead of opening each individual photo.

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