Missed it by THAT much!

    I've been asked to run for Constable, Justice of the Peace, and Phoenix City Council, even nominated for a position as a Pro-Tem Superior Court Judge, over the past 30 years. I've always declined. Now, with what is happening in our Congress (what is being done to YOU), the thought began to bubble in my mind. By the time I had gotten so angry over what is happening in Arizona, in the Campaign for our first open Senate seat in 20 years … I had missed the filing date as a Write-In Candidate. What to do now?

    I will comment on things that seem to be of import to all of us here (IMO). You will be the arbiter of whether any of these thoughts affect YOU, are problems to YOU, worth looking into a bit more for YOU, or just the ramblings of another very upset citizen of our great country. These will be linked below as I get to writing them. Check back from time to time. I'll try to get to some especially troubling things right away.

 Campaign announcement.

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