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·  Hello everyone – ¡bienvenidos amigos!

     One day I thought I'd look for some of the old high schoolers out there, and what did I find - not much.

     Seems as though someone there believes that Hayden High and Carl Hayden High must be one and the same. We know different.

     Whoever was in charge of selecting the name used by our old school doesn't seem to know 'Carl Hayden' and 'Hayden' high schools are not the same school. The official URL for Carl Hayden High School is – www.hayden.edu  ? Not only is it not correct, there is a Hayden High School … and it is in Arizona too! This is not to mention the fact that there are Hayden Highs in Topeka, Kansas and in Hayden, Alabama too. We did not go to CHCHS - I thought we did live in a community back then.

     This is an alternative to Classmates.com, and others like it. Update on Classmates and similar sites - there are now dozens of people listed as former students of CHHS that, if you click on their names, actually went to some other school, if you click on the little icons that show "photo" - "website" or such - you are very often taken to some completely different person - with no photo or website, and from a completely different school and class year.

     Please use 'www.carlhaydenhighschool.net' as your bookmark/link - NOT what is shown in the address line above.
 www carl hayden high school dot net graphic.
     So, what to do? I registered a domain name ( that made sense to the alumni ) and made an easy to find website for those interested. Notice the website address is a dot Net and not a dot Com address. I thought about it and felt it would better reflect the idea behind the site.

     Next was a little thinkin' about what should be put on the site. I took a stab at it and will make some pages that seem to be interesting … to me at least. Now I sure can't be held responsible for all the content. My tiny rapidly deteriorating brain is waay overtaxed now. You will have to suggest things you'd like to see here.

 help.     There is a contact page for anyone who cares to submit their information for others to read and send eMail if so desired. I've tried to include some announcements as they come up. Someone else might like to write something for posting here – I'd like that – send me a note and I'll have some guidelines for how to submit it to me so it is easy to post to the site.

     The website is designed to be used by anyone with a modern internet browser. I've specifically left out all the fancy tricks of some websites in favor of simple standard code so everyone can view the site without special plug-ins and such. And remember - the address is dot net and not dot com. I'll try to get the Guestbook up and running again too!

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