Carl Trumbull Hayden

October 2d, 1877 – January 25th, 1972

 U.S. Senate.      Born to Charles and Sallie Hayden in Hayden's Ferry, Arizona Territory ( now known as Tempe ). Carl Hayden attended public schools and graduated from "Normal School of the Territory of Arizona at Tempe" ( now known as Arizona State University ) in 1896. He attended Leland Stanford Junior University ( Stanford University ) from 1896 to 1900. He never finished his law degress studies.

     Sen. Hayden worked in the family flour milling business ( Hayden's Flour Mill, on Mill Avenue in Tempe just South of the bridge over the Salt River ) from 1900 to 1904. His father had begun the ferry service across the Salt River - which did have water at one time. At the same time he served as a Tempe Town Council member from 1902 to 1904. Afterwards he served as Treasurer for Maricopa County from 1904 to 1906.

     He was elected Sheriff of Maricopa County in 1907 and served until 1912 when he became Arizona's very first Representative to the United States Congress. The Arizona Department of Public Safety's website has a little anecdote about Sheriff Hayden's involvement in the first motorized posse in Arizona history.  U.S. Marshall Hayden.

     A Democrat, he was elected to the US House of Representatives on February 19th, 1912 ( less than one week after Arizona's admission to the Union on February 14th, 1912 ), he served there until 1927. In 1926 he was elected a Senator. He served in the United States Senate until 1969 - 42 years. With nearly 57 consecutive years of service – having never lost any election, he is the longest serving member of Congress in US history.

     Sen. Hayden was an early supporter of women's suffrage ( his mother, and sisters, Mary & Sallie may have been his motivation ), he also expressed his concerns over water and natural resources throughout his lifetime. He lobbied for the Salt River Project in 1902, and was a proponent of the Yuma Water Project ( both before World War I ) and much later the nations largest water project, the Central Arizona Project which now brings water to Phoenix and Tucson.

     He was commissioned a Major during WWI and the veteran's hospital in Phoenix also bears his name. There are other places that bear his name as well - just remember that your high school years were spent here.

     If you would like to read more about Sen. Hayden, an Internet search will produce many articles about Arizona's first and the nation's longest serving Congressman.

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