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  • This site is designed to be as friendly as possible. Without any of the little website tricks that would make your visit complicated and unpleasant.

  • Generally any relatively modern browser should be perfectly fine to use with the site. JavaScript must be enabled, which generally is the default for all browsers today. No security problems are connected with its' use. Popups are used - but not as intrusive advertising - and only when you click to request something. I don't know how the site will look on a Mac, and unless you are into graphics - get a PC. AOL users - my sympathies to you - I can only hope the site will look OK. Let me know please.

  • Every page opens in a "new" window, so just close that window when you are done. The index page will still be there for your next burst of curiosity.

  • Keystroke shortcuts are recommended for ease of navigation. For example - If you are reading down a page ( this one maybe ), and wish to return to the top of the page - you can use  "Ctrl+Home"  to jump directly to the top. If you just want to move up and down the page a bit, you can use the arrow keys for a line at a time, or the page up / down keys for a screen at a time.

  • If you are searching for a particular name on the Alumni page, use your browser's "Find" command when the page opens. It is generally  "Ctrl+F"  - type in the name ( first or last ) you want to look for and tap  "Enter / Return"  - there may be more than one, so repeat the search until no more are found if you like.

  • When sending eMail to anyone - I recommend you put your eMail address in the body of the eMail if you want a return message.

    Some services ( Classmates is one ) will not show your eMail address ( but you can fool the automatic exclusion, put hyphens or spaces or slashes in it, change the "@" symbol to the word "at", easy to still figure out, and the robots don't pick it up and delete it ). If the person you sent eMail to hasn't paid the extortion money - you will not get an answer. Not a problem here, but still a good idea to put your address inside the body of your eMail. An even better idea is to always make a "signature" block that is automatically appended to your eMail messages. You can do that in nearly all eMail programs.

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  • By design, everything here is public. But at no time will the information posted here be used to compile  any  mailing list.

  • The information here will not be sold  to any company  at any time  for the purposes of creating mailing lists for snail mai, for spam, or for telephone solicitations of any kind.

  • Your individual information will be posted on individual pages so as to make it difficult for eMail robots to scan the list for eMail addresses.

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  • By use of this site you agree to the provisions of the privacy policy, understanding that the site is open to the general public and the information you post here will be viewable by all visitors that look at the individual pages.

  • You agree not to use any information posted on this site for any commercial purpose. You agree not to assemble any mailing list from information posted here.

  • You agree not to use any information posted on this site for any criminal purpose.

  • Linking to this site is permitted by a link to the main page only. All other pages are accessible from the main page.

•   Donate   •

  • At this time this group of web pages is hosted on my primary site, and is just fine there. I've created the pages and all the graphics here because  I  wanted a place to visit. Without having to go to Classmates.com or somewhere similar that forces you to pay because it is a commercial site.

  • However, if you would like to see the site expand with additional pages for recollections or anything you all might find interesting as well as lots of activity . . . then it all should be moved to a space of its' own. Ka-ching  $  - not all that much, but money nonetheless - every month.

  • If other classes would like to see a page for them here - which is a great idea ( there are over 5000 alumni registered with just Classmates.com ! ) then it becomes more work. I will continue to administer the space as my time allows. And someone can create pages for each class with my help and direction. Or . . . I can do the entire thing, which then becomes closer to a full-time position. One I would do gladly - with a little consideration. I may be nuts - but not insane ( hey, hey, no opinions were asked for here ).

  • If you would like to contribute to the continued existence of the site you can do so. Additionally - I will make some commercial space available to those who have a product or service the folks here might have an interest. Or if you represent an organization, association, charity, or other group we might support, advertising space or a link could be placed on the site for you, as I choose. If you wish to "sponsor" a page ( say by year ) that could be done too. It will never become as intrusive, pervasive, etcive, as 'other' websites you've seen. and no spam from here - ever.

  • Of course, if you need any actual website work - I am available for that as well.

  • Donations of only $10.00 ( $50, a million ) a year are suggested for those individuals wishing to support these pages. Advertising - please contact me directly as to your needs and for graphics etc.

Address for your money orders.
Barry A. Kintner
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Thank you for your contribution.

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