The Carl Hayden we knew has evolved into the Carl Hayden Community High School. A "comprehensive" high school, offering a wide range of instruction in the high tech world in addition to the basics.

I've found links to all sorts of past activities at the school.  Including
  • Sports Imagine that, sports. Plenty of items all over the Internet about various successes by several teams - boys and girls. Congratulations. But nothing about the very last Carnival game at Phoenix Union!

  • Kinda public figures. Several stories mentioning CHHS graduates were found.

  • Still looking for the lost edition of the journalistic hit - Hayden Headlights.
    Where is it?

  • Ham Radio and the American Radio Relay League.

  • Robotics – with Carl Hayden being given credit for bringing a regional competion here because of their successes in other competitions.

  • Marine Science. Doesn't Marine Science have something to do with water? . . . in Phoenix? Well does make sense if you want to escape the desert - learn about water.

  • Electric Vehicle competition - ah, cars still facinate us.  Weenie cars, but still cars. Most will never feel the power of a big-block anything - sad, sad, sad.

  • Computer Science. Now this puzzles me - the website for the school is up and running . . . kinda. Doesn't seem as though anyone is maintaining it, for oh - about the past three or four   years. Not to mention the incorrect URL

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