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P o s t i n g   R e u n i o n   I n f o r m a t i o n

    For classes from any year of graduation.

    If you would like to post any notice regarding a forming committee for your class reunion, or information about any reunion itself, I will be happy to post it here  at no cost to you  !

    Please contact me for the format for how to send me your information so as to minimize confusion and errors. And so I can get it done in a reasonable amount of time.

    In general, I will post contact information for whoever is handling the reunion or a committee. This might include several names with contact info, how to register, dates, times, & locations for meetings, etc  —  and of course, complete details for the reunion itself.

    Now - if you would like other items posted here, such as a registration form, maps made, etc - I can arrange that - very reasonably - much more so than the cost of mailing etc - but we can't get carried away - for the use of web space - or my time. Printable forms made for online fill-in are  very  cost-effective and simple printable maps can alleviate confusion.

    I do have other suggestions for saving you some money in this process. Contact me with your questions, comments, and suggestions.

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