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So far only a few pages are done - even I have limited time.
BUT I have hopes of getting at least a couple more done in the next few weeks.
I hope you all enjoy the trip down memory lane.
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 Carl Hayden High School 

 Arizona State Capitol 
 Convention Center Area 

 Chase Field & US Airways Center 

    The aerial photos are not all that great as photos go ( and may take a moment to load ), but are kinda fun to see how things have changed a bit. Phoenix has grown since we were in school - how it has grown! It is now said to be 512 square miles ( LA is about 470 ) and just a week ago they announced that Phoenix is now the fifth most populous city in the US. ( New York, LA, Chicago, Houston are still ahead of us. ) We are projected to surpass Houston in the next few years and to leap ahead of Chicago to the third spot in 20 years.

    Downtown Glendale is projected to be the center of population for the entire Metropolitan area in not too many years. One new revelation is that Maricopa County is now the third most populous county in the country. Los Angeles, Cook (Chicago), and Maricopa - grrreat ... The Phoenix Metro area is now at 3.7 million people (or more). Arizona is said to be gaining 475 people per day - net gain!

    There was an article that said Buckeye is now the largest city in the US! ( if the last annexation passed ) - with land 'in the city' stretching from near Gila Bend, all the way North to near Wittman. And they said 380,000 building permits have been set for the next 30 years. All new highway ramps need to be built along Interstate 10 too. You know, it is further to Surprise ( and through town ) than it is to Buckeye from downtown. And Jacksonville, Florida is said to be 738 square miles - and BUCKEYE is gonna be bigger?

I do have a couple more photo outings planned for additional photo pages here.
But - if anyone has any suggestions or requests for locations - let me know.

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