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Let's mention some of the people, and see if you remember them.

 •  The Righteous Brothers at Stage Seven, George Carlin at JD's (many others there too), Sonny & Cher at the un-named club on Camelback, Hub Cap and the Wheels everywhere.
 •  Please don't forget that Audio Recorders, on 7th St. just South of Indian School was where quite a few early recordings were done too. Duane Eddy and many others recorded there. Other's included Dick Dale and some of the first and best remembered surf music - those great guitar solos. The place was owned by a friend of my Dad's and I got a lot of early albums from him. I think I had gotten nearly every one of Elvis' albums - and in first pressings too. I gave them away - and I later saw some on sale for as much as $2000 per album over in LA and Santa Barbara!
 •  Does the name Don Imus sound familiar? (if anyone gets up that early) He was on Phoenix radio in the early 60's. 'Drop Kick Me Jesus, Through The Goal Posts of Life' - now you remember, huh?
 •  Okay then, How about Joe Pyne? Considered to be radios first 'shock' jock - yep, right here in Phoenix. Look him up. Some people in the Army ended up calling me Joe Pyne, Jr.  Hmmm?
 •  How about Morten Downey, Jr.? Com'on - that mouth. He had plenty of problems being a late night television host - with a realll confrontational style.
 •  Al McCoy sound familiar? From KRUX to the Phoenix Suns. KRUX is the place I first went on the radio, in October 1960. A wannabe, on the Coca Cola Hi-Fi Club (from 7-8pm weeknights) with Diamond Jim Clausen.
 •  Dave Biondi (not his real name - after Dick Biondi in Chicago) at KRIZ. Another CHHS ('64 or '65 ?) student - at the time! Kept it a pretty good secret as far as I can tell.
 •  I can't remember if it was KRUX or KRIZ - but Don Lincoln was on the air there - brother to Clara Lincoln (CHHS '64).
 •  If anyone remembers the early years of KDKB (K Dwight Karma Broadcasting) and the success of the station after KCAC (1010am, daytime only) had all their equipment stolen in one night from the makeshift studios in an old house about 5th Ave and Camelback. Anyway, I had waited nearly five years for an opening, when I was open to take it - I got the call late afternoon from Eric Hauenstein (Owner / Gen Mgr at the time ) asking if I wanted the job. Sure. I was to work that night and come in the next morning to fill out paperwork - well I worked that one night. That next morning was the day they fired 23 people. One night - no record I was ever there.
 •  I later worked for KHCS (K Howard Christian School ) a station that ended up with the 1010 am frequency. I was the token hippie there in the mid-70's.
 •  I ended up working for 14 stations in town over the 25 or so years I hung around radio and television. (from 1960 to 1986) Everything from disc jockey, engineer, news, studio and transmitter maintenance, to studio construction. Strange business.
 •  Tom Parsons (CHHS '65) and his rock n roll group, made it into a movie in late '66 or '67. Got my first guitar from Tom. Playing it? That's a whole 'nother thing entirely.
 •  How about when Channel 5 was in the Westward Ho? Mom got a picture of me walking up First Ave. Wayne Newton holding my hand on one side and brother Jerry holding the other hand - I wuz a little tyke. They weren't that much older.
 •  I was also on the Lew King show - with Mrs Kline's square dance group in second grade.
 •  Remember Gold Dust Charlie? Then some noisy kid with an ice cream cart came into the picture - I think his name was Wallace? Then it  really  got out of hand. Ladmo will always be remembered. And the mulitple personalities of the escaped mental patient Pat McMahon. And later - Jody of the Pink Berets (Cathy Dresbach, my partner in Mr Paul's voice class at PC one semester in '77).

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