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Let's take a little trip around town. We all remember dancing in the gym -
        but how many of you all remember . . .

 •  Stage Seven on 7th St just North of Indian School (building is still there - North one lot from the Jack-in-the-Box) across from the Carl T. Hayden Veteran's Hospital. Saw quite a few different groups there over the years.
 •  JD's, in the river bottom on Scottsdale Road (photos of the foundation after the Salt River got it are memorable).
 •  The Fifth Estate. In the shopping center at the NE corner of Curry and Scottsdale Rd. Then it moved to a shopping center at the SW corner of Southern and Mill Avenue. Saw the 'Seeds' there I think - early psychedelic rock.
 •  Dances in the center court at what will always be known as Chris-Town Mall. Built on Mr. Chris' farm land. Remember the noisy birds - also in the center court? They've renamed it the 'Spectrum' mall. No one seems to care, and we still call it Chris-Town - bad name anyway. Being partly torn down for remodeling now. I was told it will be called Chris-Town Spectrum (a 'power center' - ?).
 •  Dances inside the long and very straight center court of Thomas Mall, and in the parking lot of the Colonade Mall, or those in the parking lot of the shopping center at 32d St. and Cactus - or was that Shea?
 •  What was the name of the little, and I do mean little, club that was in a building on the North side of Camelback about a half-block West of 35th Avenue? I was within arms reach of Cher - as they carried her out of the club after passing out from the heat. ('65 I think) They  finally?  closed it because it had only one bathroom - total.
 •  Can't forget Legend City. I was the chief of security for the inaugural year of Compton Terrace there in 1979 - years later. Worked for Stevie Nick's Dad, Jess - but never met Stevie there or while in radio. ?
 •  The Calderon Ballroom, the Riverside Ballroom, and the Motown Review, and more.
 •  Can't forget about Mr. Lucky's. The top floor for Country & Western, and downstairs for Rock 'n Roll. Who ever thought that was such a great idea? Sure the Phoenix PD didn't, but it was successful for a lot of years.
 •  How about Nelson's Pool - located at 19th Avenue and Campbell (right on the North side of the canal there. And was the one down on Broadway named Riverside Pool ? (the old concrete swimming 'pool') just West of 19th Avenue (in Riverside Park) - where the Class of '66 had its' Senior Day. It was featured in a KAET special.
 •  The State Fairgrounds (when McDowell was just two lanes), we walked there on opening day - Kids Day, and Teachers Conference Day - always the first day of the State Fair. I loved it when the Fair used to open at eight in the morning so we could be there when the animals were being tended to. I loved going at six in the morning with Dad, when he was working security there in the Indian crafts building (they had asked for him specifically after his first year there). They used to use old Cops before security guards were an industry. But that first part of the day when Dad was working and I was free to run all over the Fairgrounds when no one was there was really great. Jason Kaye (66) went in with us one day, and his Mom sent along a giant bag of her fresh Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies. She had to have stayed up all night to make those by that time in the morning. Her cookies are one of my all time favorite things - and she even gave the recipe to my Mom (now lost to time).
 •  Then there were Jesse Luevano's (66) Mom's tamales at Christmas time. Two new garbage cans (when they were still metal) and cooking a whole  bunch  of them at one time. And that little pest BeBe (Jesse's little black terrier) nipping at your heels with endless energy.

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