KRUX. . .   NO!   KRIZ. . .   NO!    KRUX. . .   NO!   KRIZ. . .   NOO O!  . . .

     How many remember this battle? The Top-40 radio stations we listened to from the beginning of Rock 'n Roll to just beyond high school. Cheap AM radios competing with the rumble of engines washing over us like the blast through an open window. No CDs, no AC, and all memory - now hard-wired into your soul, likely from the library turn-around to Camelback - again and again.

     The station buildings are still around last time I looked. KRIZ ( 1230 AM ) on Buckeye Road ( Westward Blvd. ) just West of the Black Canyon, and KRUX ( 1340 / 1360 AM ) out near 75th and Camelback - in the boonies then.

     And how many of you also listened to KOMA? ( 1510 AM - out of Oklahoma City - same spot on the dial KCAC was here in the daytime ) A 50,000 watt coast-to-coast clear channel station we could hear nightimes, when our local daytime-only station went off the air at sunset. Then there was Wolfman Jack on XERF broadcasting from Del Rio, Texas ( really from Ciudad Acuña just over the Rio Bravo into Mexico ). Late nights, just about everyone in the US and up into Canada could hear his program.

     In 1969 Bill Compton would record his Sunday night show "the KRUX Underground" on 7 in. reel-to-reel tapes for me. They got sent to me in Viet Nam and were a big hit. He would even mention my name as a bonus too. They were left there for the guys to enjoy when I finally came home. Sure wish I had those tapes today - even the management of KDKB had asked me for them.

     Considering the fact that I hung around radio, and worked for several stations, for so long, there was one celebrity I wonder why I never met - Stevie Nicks. I even worked for her father for awhile in 1979 as the first Chief of Security for Compton Terrace.

Do you remember all these voices?    Neither do I.


Bob Adams
Buzz Bennett
Dave Biondi
Bobby Christian
Captain Marvel
Morton 'Doc' Downey Jr.
Ron Edwards
Don Elliott
Tony Evans
Carol Field
Jack Frost
Barnie Groven
Shotgun Tom Kelly
Sonny Knight
Joe Light
Pat McMahon
Bruce Moody
Bumper Morgan
Diana Patterson
The Purple Pizza Eater
     (Don Pietro)
John Sebastian
Bob Shannon
Lee Smith
Gary Stevens
Dave Trout
Todd Wallace
Jonny Wallace
Guy Williams
Johnny Williams
Bob Wood


Chuck Browning
J.W. Byers
Kit Carson
Diamond Jim Clausen
Bill Compton
Geoff Fox
Evert Fruitman
Dick Gray
Lucky Lawrence
Don Lincoln
Ray Lindy
Al McCoy
Jack Dillon
Christopher Haze
Lucky Lawrence
Paul Leigh
Mike Mitchell ( Harold Shumway )
Rob Randall ( Joe Brandt )
Rich 'Mother' Robbin
Harry Scarborough
John Sebastian
Norm Seeley
Bob Shannon (Bob Adams)
Bob Shannon (John Driscoll)
Dave Trout
Todd Wallace

     Okay, buckle up. I dug up these "Top 100" lists on the Internet. I don't know where the actual info came from as it was unattributed, someone might let me know. I don't know how the rankings were done - so there might be different ones around somewhere. Provided solely for memory purposes.

     And of course, there is preference - no accounting for taste. But this might bring back some memories - and an urge to go buy some of the music.

     I've included all the years we might have been enjoying the music of our youth - some lists vary in length. I hope you like 'em. Enjoy it as often as you can! I'm amazed I've found a bunch of these on CD.

     Click on a year below to see the list of songs for that year.


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