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1966's 40 Year Reunion is Over!

Class of 1966. Well, the 40 year Reunion is done and gone. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you all. I hope you all had a great time, met up with a whole bunch of classmates - and pushed your memory to the limit. Although my limit is 'bout the end of my arm these days.

NOW it is time to post some of your thoughts. Time passing, those lost, those missed. Leave us a thought and a memory. Leave an eMail address so people can connect with you again.

If you missed the Reunion, you can still submit a Bio. Tell us your story. Send it to me in your favorite word processing format or as text in an eMail message. I'll format it and it will be linked to your name on the 'Class of 1966 & Bios' page on the main page of the website. Even include a photo of you, you and the kids - or the whole family.

Did you take photos at the Reunion? Did you take some photos at a small gathering of classmates? Send me a note and I'll send you my snail mail address for you to send me a disc. No editing required. I will take care of it all. Names of those in the photos will help. I'll get them posted as soon as my little fingers can get to them.

 Here you go!
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 ·  Carl Hayden High School Alumni Comments.

From   Bob Carpenter
Date   Wednesday August 23 2006
Comments   Just had to let you know how much I enjoy this site. My brother Bill told me about the 40 yr reunion for 66', (I'm from 65') and it was so good to see photos of friends from the past. Wade Wallin, Chuck Queen. JoAnn (Scott) & Charlene Searles looked as lovely as ever. Once again, great job, thanks for the effort and I look forward to visiting the site.

From   Barry Kintner
Date   Sunday August 13, 2006
Comments   Hey everybody -
-- See, we didn't turn out too bad at all. It was Great to see everyone again. Ya know, subjectivity considered, the number of pretty girls there were in high school seems to be fewer than the number of beautiful women we have today. Even with all the changes we've gone through, when you saw someone, just how familiar they look now - and so many looked nothing short of great. Heck, even the old retired folks look like they've had a good time, and life has treated us all pretty well. Take care out there and we'll see you at the 45 year Reunion too!

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