Phoenix Convention Center

and Surroundings

 Phoenix Convention Center, the Arizona Science Center, and Heritage Square (and giant parking structure).

Another for you all who now live elsewhere. The image is a little larger on this one - lots to see too. The plaza is directly in the middle with 5th Street on the East side and 3d Street down the middle ( notice the little foot bridge over 3d St. ). This all is a part of "Copper Square" - a creation to promote the downtown area - good idea.

This is the Phoenix Convention Center (formerly the Civic Plaza. The South half was added some years ago in a doubling of the convention center - and now they are beginning another doubling of it! The South building is going upward, and soon the North building will be also.

The round building to the West of the mall plaza is Symphony Hall - and the Symphony is still hanging on - thank goodness. Just North of the Hall was a cement plaza - hot, flat, and used often for events. Now that is being built up into a six-story building.

Just below the Symphony Hall, across Washington St., is vacant in this photo - but not now. New high-rise towers cover the entire block.

Above the Convention Center is Monroe Street. The Herberger Theater is near here and thriving it appears. The statues in the 'garden' area are excellent. Further East is St. Mary's Basilica at 3d St. They have torn down St. Mary's School at this location. The church has now taken over the remainder of the area adjacent and toward 5th St.

Okay, back on track. Just South of the (now old) ASU campus at 7th St. is the 'Heritage and Science Park'. Heritage Square, is the oldest part of the park. It is a group of historic homes found, and moved to this location. All completely refurbished they make a great location for many arts and music events, which are held in the 'lattice room' (big and prominent in the photo ). There are small museums here too. Others are; the Arizona Doll & Toy Museum, the Rosson House Museum, and the Silva House Museum.

There are three other attractions on the block too. The Arizona Science Center and IMAX Theater, and the Phoenix Museum of History.

The lower right corner of the photo shows the giant six-story parking garage used by the attractions in the area.

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