•   Class of 1966   •

     This site was begun as an attempt to provide a single location that would provide enough incentive to all my class members to assemble a very good directory.

     The idea is to give everyone an easily found and accessible location to contact any member of the class who chooses to join us here. There are no plans for a chat room or anything like that at all. Just direct contact directory and postings of interest. Maybe a  'Guestbook'  can be added if you like - but  you  gotta tell me what  you  want to find or see here.

     There were a bunch of people ( hundreds ) from our class - graduates or those who moved on, and I will keep this page up as much as I possibly can. But I did notice that there are now over 5000 alumni from Carl Hayden on Classmates,com alone. I've hosted this website on my site ( www.kintner.com ) for now.

     If more people are interested in having a page here for their class, it might get a bit much. You can help here too. If there is enough interest in having additional class pages here I will accept donations to move the site to it's own server with more space available. I'll still post any Reunion notice too.

     Now I am not insane - well, not completely anyway - if you have a service, product, or anything you'd like to see represented here - I will make limited advertising space available here to supplement donations.

     The directory page will be somewhat large so give it a bit of time to load. You can click on a name ( once they've sent in their info ) to get a popup window or new page with the persons' contact info and message. If it doesn't work for you, check to see that you have JavaScript enabled.

     Alright already, how do I get to the directory?   Click  here  or on the big '66' on the main page.

     Class of 1966 -

     Here is a very simple way to submit your info. Use your mouse to highlight the list below, click on 'Copy' - then 'Paste' the list into an eMail message to me.

     Then just type in your information -BETWEEN- each of the items. Right in the eMail message, with whatever information you choose to submit. Just use plain text - no fancy eMail messages are needed.

Name then
Name now
eMail address
Website URL ( personal )
City & State
Old address
Grade school
Whatever else –
    kids, work,
    married, anything.

     Click here   Send me eMail. to send eMail if your browser is set up to allow it - try it. If not working for you - my eMail address is shown below.

     I would encourage each of you to provide a website address. Don't have a website - make one, just a one-pager at least.  Pleeze!  If you have Internet access chances are about 100% that you have some "free" space to use. If not, check first, you can get free space in any number of places. Then, write your own story, pleeze! Everyone should write  something  you have lived this long. And the world should know of everyone's journey through life.

     If there is enough interest, enough questions, I can provide some links to free resources and help for you to do this. Come on, it's important. You do not have to know  any  HTML at all. There are templates online for you to just fill the blanks if you like, free programs to help, photo help - oooo photos, yes please. If you find yourself hooked a bit - you can then learn a bit more.

     But beyond giving me your contact info - please do consider a small website. We WILL enjoy them.

     Want a better form? Suggest new questions. Or would you like a pdf form to mail? Whatever works best. No fancy online forms here.

     If the eMail link above doesn't work for you - here is the address to type in your eMail.

Barry Kintner <a2z@kintner.com>

     Please make sure it says CHHS . . . something in your subject line, so I don't think it is spam. I don't want to delete it by mistake. I should respond within a couple of days saying I've gotten your message. If I don't - check the address sent to, annd - send it again  please.  Don't forget our Guestbook too!

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