Chase Field - Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks

 Chase Field.

This photo was taken a little South of the 'Phoenix Convention Center' (formerly the Phoenix Civic Plaza) near 7th Street and Lincoln.

Jefferson Street was re-located to permit the construction of the new halls at the Phoenix Civic Plaze.

All along Jackson Street, South of the stadium and spreading to the West toward 7th Avenue, are newly refurbished commercial buildings and old warehouses getting new life being restaurants and clubs. This is even the heart of a new 'arts district' that could still use more support.

I will soon do a photo tour of the downtown area too. As soon as I can get to it - I promise.

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The infamous Arizona Cardinals might've had their stadium downtown but no one could work it out. Like the Coyotes, they've moved West. A new football stadium is being built out West of town - well, not West  of  town anymore, just West. 99th Avenue near the new 101 freeway!   Hey, get this! The football field rolls out of the stadium, so it can get some sunlight. Lemme see - game day, field half-in, half-out - hmmmm. Wisdom? or just dom.

I remember when we moved to the house on Polk, across 35th Avenue from Alzona Park - and that was outside the city limits!

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