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    This will assist you in finding our where you are on the map as well as relating to the info on this page too. Grid lines were left in place to assist you. These relate to the numbers across the top of the photo, and the letters down the sides of the photo.

I guess the first thing you might notice is the swath cut through our old neighborhood by the Interstate-10 Inner Loop. Homes that were only 7-8 years old were torn down or moved. The strip sat barren for over 20 years while political wrangling and 'no' votes kept the freeway from being constructed along this area.

A-1  -  This is the first square you will see on your upper left screen area. The last larger cross street visible going West is 41st Avenue at McDowell Road.

A-6  -  Near the left edge and top you can see the newer location of Rada's Restaurant as the largest roof left of center in the photo.

A-7  -  The corner to the Southwest of 35th & McDowell was the old Budget Foods grocery store. Still standing in this photo, it was mostly consumed by a fire that took one of our firefighters - Brett Tarver. Now only the Southerly portion where K&R Hardware was is now an Ace Hardware store. Right near the bottom of this grid is the little building where Garcia's Restaurant began.

A-8  -  You can see here the new entry of Isaac School - see detail photo in the upper part of this grid right at the line with A-7. This is the corner of 35th Ave. & McDowell.

A-9  -  This is now the new offices of the Isaac School District adjoining the Middle School.

A-11  -  The intersection near the right side of this image is 31st Ave at McDowell. South of here are the new schools ( Carl Hayden Pre-School and Esperanza ) built where the old Valley of the Sun School used to be. Follow 31st South and see it has an overpass over I-10 before you get to J. B. Sutton School.

B-1  -  Right on the right edge, or maybe over to the next grid, is Ron Woods house. And across the street was the home of a mechanic for Loper's race car - and we got to see the car more than just one time.

B-5  -  This grid had a bunch of people - Janice Hughes, Mary Peña, Larry Reynolds ( and brother Craig - PUHS, and sister Karen ), hmmm - more.

B-6  -  Right at the left edge along the bottom is the old house for the Corella Brothers - and our Phoenix Gazette paper station.

B-7  -  Another infamous spot is our very own 'Bonjo's' - and the re-modeled building is still there. It is now Rita's Mexican Food. See detail photo You can see it as the diagonal roof just above and to the right of the center of this grid image. It was a tiny place with an interior that was a 'V' essentially. You came in the front door to the order window, and on either side was a narrow 'hallway' with wooden benches against the outside walls and a single pinball machine at the end of each. Just enough room to squeeze between the pinball and the wall - if you were small then.

C-3  -  I think this is the street where Vernon Hull's parents had a home - now backed up to the freeway. His other house is under the freeway at Belleview and 38th Drive.

C-6  -  Just touching the right edge of this grid is my old house. 3548 West Moreland. I first went there on Halloween night 1956. ( This was just a few months after my baby sister was born and the family needed more 'room' - hmmm, small houses all. ) Larry Yee and I were told we could go Trick or Treat'ng beyond Roosevelt ( I lived on Polk at that time ) because my parents would wait there for us and take us home from there. The little building just in front of the house was built by my Dad and Mr. Pilkin ( Harry's Dad - another Butler kid ). The initial freeway alignment was to be six feet from the back wall of our house! While it did not end up that close, it did take Judy Trevillion's house that faced Belleview and the dairy farm on the North side of Belleview. Don't forget that Tommy Woolridge lived on Moreland too, nearer 37th, and right across the street from Dickie Bremer.

C-8  -  The bright roofed large building is the Marine Corps Reserve Center.

D-3  -  Right along the old canal before 39th was cut through was the home of Glen Bean, and Sharon and Linda Hooper.

D-5  -  I believe it was on the corner of 37th and Latham that was Jessie Charles' house?

D-8  -  Here you can see the majority of Falcon Park. A place I am sure many of you visited once or twice over the years. Hey! It even has parking areas now!

D-12  -  J. B. Sutton School is partially visible in this grid - near the bottom right and on down into the next image.

E-4  -  Here is Alta E. Butler School - all grown up. The trees in front are beautiful. But some of us may remember when 39th Avenue did not go through to the North ( just a big canal ), Roosevelt was a dirt road, and we were bussed to Isaac for lunch til they finished our cafeteria. Still looks to be a nice little school.

E-5  -  The open field in this photo is now filled with the Morris K. Udall School. Playing in the barley field that used to be there was just too much fun.

E-6  -  Jason Kaye's home is still visible in the photo. Dad still lives there. About mid-block on Roosevelt.

E-7  -  The next big intersection is 35th & Roosevelt. A big corner for all of us at Carl Hayden. On the Southwest corner was an old dilapidated house - 'til high school. In September of 1962 the house was replaced by the first Burger Chef in the area. 10 for a $1! While the building still stands in nearly the same configuration, it has changed uses over the years. Most often it is a used car lot. Going North across Roosevelt is a Circle K now - and this was the old State Auto Wrecking yard. A bit further North on 35th ( and right at the top of the grid ) was our very own version of the American Graffiti drive-in. Bill's Ranch House Burgers & Milk Depot, more commonly known as the 'Pink n Green' to all of us. Don't forget that Alzona Park Government Housing used to cover the entire area that Carl Hayden down to Westdale Shopping Center were built over.

E-8  -  Near the right side of this image you can see the main entrance to the school, and directly across the street is Falcon Pool. Remember when it used to open in February? The school stretches across a few grids and the original parking lot, the stadium, the baseball field, and a bunch of new building are visible.

E-12  -  I think Villa is in this grid - remember that little area had one extra street, and I do remember it being on the school side of the canal - Hmmm, I think. Anyway, over here lived Roger Kloeppel, Linda van Gelder, and others too. Lotsa people over here - but someone that went to Sutton will have to fill in these details.

F-4  -  Right off I can only remember that right near that corner of the street just South of the Butler School fence were the homes of Susan Hassell ( nearer the corner ) and David Tolliver ( nearer 39th Ave. ).

F-5  -  Just gotta know what in the world this place is - if it is still there now.

G-6  -  Jesse Luevano's brother Paul ( '69 ) owns the old family home on Taylor now - and the next door house too. I think it was in this area that Virgina Castro lived in one of the old sections of the Alzona Park buildings when they were sold throughout the neighborhood. Hers faced East, right along 36th Ave.

G-8  -  It appears to be vacant in this photo - but do any of you remember all the four foot tall dirt hills that covered this area - for years and years? I'm sure the Cross Country guys remember.

H-1  -  Just off to the left side of this grid would be the old home of Sylvestre Herrera ( Bobby's Dad - Butler kid. ). He was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions long ago - but never so long ago that we should ever forget. And that there are sons and daughters in harms way today - for all of us.

H-5  -  Well here we have a warehouse district - right where the old Acres of Fun and Peso Drive In theaters were. Spent many a night sitting outside the fence along 37th Ave. with Jesse Luevano straining to hear the sound and asking the paying customers to turn up an unused speaker for us long before we'd go there on our own. Then going when they had the rows of seats in front of the snack bar coupla' hours before a movie began. I think it was in this grid that Susie Criswell lived - and I remember what I thought was a huge backyard - but now I just think the backyard was just finished in a much nicer fashion than others.

H-7  -  It appears my old house on Polk still shows in the photo too. Little field right next door that held as many as 25 cars - all running and none newer than 1928 at that time. And the reason Dad had to get a shop. Right across from the church, and down the street from the Anthony Britnell, Barbara Tadano, and Dayna Faye Taylor too. The street right near the bottom of this grid was called Aluminum instead of Melvin for a time.

H-8  -  In the upper left you can see the old 1st National Bank building as built in the late 60's, and the majority of the grid shows Westdale Shopping Center that was built in the late 50's. This shopping center is as active as ever, though quite different now. And the old location of the El Rancho Market on the West end is an expanding Food City now. The parking lot has a few new businesses now too. Remember the carnival that would come there once a year?

I-1 thru 7  -  On the South side of Van Buren from 43d Ave to 35th Ave, and South to the railroad tracks - 1 mile long and a half-mile wide was the Reynolds Aluminum manufacturing plant. Anyone remember the giant carnival the company would assemble inside the plant for the company picnic? I wonder how many of our parents worked here over the years?

I-7  -  Another really active corner in our time is near the upper left of this grid. 35th Ave. and Van Buren St. At the upper right is a Taco Bell on the spot where Larry Yee's parents had their Western Food Market. Just on the Southwest corner is a large McDonalds exact where the original entrance to Reynold's Aluminum plant was. Further West is a Burger King. On the Southeast corner was Cliff's Union 76, now a modern self-serve station.

I-8  -  Along Van Buren going East was the big Blakely's Gas Station, where there seemed to be some event or another going on quite often. Some of the other old buildings along the street are still there but the uses have changed with the times.

I-11  -  Aero Bowl. Saturday mornings, cheap bowling. Still there on the South side of Van Buren. Might be vacant right now. Right above dead center is the Carl Hayden Community Center. An old bar confiscated by the DEA and turned into something new and useful. Just West of 31st Ave. on the North side of the street.

I-12  -  I couldn't get far enough to the East to show the old Russ Keeton building, Rock Bottom, Shopping Kart, and Yellow Front stores.

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