Arizona Capitol Building & Area


For those who live out of the area these days, I've included a few shots to show you how we've grown since you've gone away - even if it was just yesterday!   :-)

This is the Arizona Capitol Building near the far West end of the 'government mall'. 17th Avenue is the street cutting the photo down the center. To the left is the old Capitol with the re-done dome visible. Just to the West is a nine-story tower with offices. Nearer 17th are the House and Senate buildings.

Across 17th is Wesley Bolin Park. There are several memorials there, and various activites are also held there regularly - the July 4th fireworks is the largest event.

As you might expect numerous government buildings line both Washington St. (across the top) and Jefferson St. (along the bottom). At the lower right corner of the image is the Arizona Supreme Court and the Appeals Court.

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