Carl Hayden High School

Aerial Map Courtesy of the USGS - Image, 30 April 1997
 Aerial shot of the CHHS campus in 1997.

NOTE:   For a newer version of this page - look on the 2011 Photo page.

    This is an aerial shot of the Carl Hayden High School Campus as it was in April 1997. Overall a pretty good shot without buying one of higher resolution. You can make out a few of the buildings and some new areas too. If you would like to see a larger aerial shot of the neighborhood surrounding the school click on the link provided below. Read the following advisory.

W A R N I N G !

    The page you will open is, by necessity, a large file - very large (approx 1 megabyte). Steps were taken to assist the speed and display of the page  but ...  If you are on a dialup connection, please be patient. The page is made up of over 100 smaller images set up in a grid. It is an aerial photo of the neighborhood. The giant map covers the area from McDowell Rd. on the North, to just below Van Buren St. on the South, and from just West of 41st Ave., to just East of 31st Ave.

    One link will open the giant map page.  Be patient!  Depending on your browser the grid lines on the map are in color, to aid you in your trip around the neighborhood. The other link will open a small simple page with tidbits of info about various spots on the map. These little items will be associated with an image by a grid ID such as 'C6' (where my old house is still visible). If you hold your cursor over a grid a little info should pop up to show the grid ID and on some, a little about the main feature in that image.

    Each page will open in a new window for ease of use. If you open both the map page and the description page you can switch between the two. By doing it that way you will be able to read the tidbits of info about some areas on the map without having to attempt to reload the map over and over again. It may help you navigate your way around the map too.  Have fun!

  Click here for the description page.    •     Click here for the large map.  

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