45th year Reunion - November 5th, 2011

    These photos were all taken at our 45-year 'Casual' Reunion. We all met, and we missed YOU, (at Bill Johnson's on 19th Avenue just South of Bell Road). Great little reunion and many a comment was made about how much people enjoyed the atmosphere. Many noted this might be a good idea for once a year.

    I will put up some photos sent in by  You!  as I can get to them. The section is in a state of change depending on how many I get and how to put them on this site. Visit often to see what's new.

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    Remember, if you did not get around to sending in a Bio in time for the Reunion Book - you can still send me your Bio and I will post it (along with a photo or two of the family). Please, do send in a bio.

Photo Contributions

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If you have any photos to share - send them to me!
and I've lost my notes - remind me of missing names please.

A few I managed to get while we were there.

If you have any photos you'd like to share
- please send them along!

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