Pre-Reunion Photos

    These are scans I made from the "Pre-Reunion" book that was put together by our reunion committee. If you were missing - here it is.
    It is a compilation of the responses from the questions sent to each of the graduates. Most of the pages are here - and remember these are computer scans of o-old paper.
    Each selection will open in a new window, just close that window when finished and this page will still be here for your next selection.

 Pg. 1 
 Pg. 2 
 Pg. 3 
 Pg. 4 
 Pg. 5 
 Pg. 6 
 Pg. 7 
 Pg. 8 
 Pg. 9 
 Pg. 10 
 Pg. 11 
 Pg. 12 
 Pg. 13 
 Pg. 14 
 Pg. 15 
 Pg. 16 
 Pg. 17 
 Pg. 18 
 Pg. 19 

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