10 year Reunion in 1976

    This second set are also scans - but of the little book made up of photos taken at the actual 20yr Reunion and a bit of info on some attendees too - names help for sure.
    The pages are larger - give them a moment to display - and not great quality.
    Just as above, each page will open in a new window. Just close it when done.

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Read on for a real surprise!

There was a real bonus in the 10 year Reunion Book!

     Sharon Santa Cruz lent me her precious copy of the little Reunion Book from our 1976 10 year Reunion. Tucked into the back of the book is a nicely folded copy of our class photo. A big Thanks!

   Your 1966 Class Photograph!   

     You'll notice the lack of names on my little list there. I put in a few - but if you see one, or some, that I've gotten wrong, don't hesitate to correct me and my vision or memory.
     Since this photo is considerably different than those found in the yearbook, I need help with some names folks. Now this is a project for all of you with some memory left. Please look over the photo and send me names if you remember them. Annd - please count twice thennn eMail. Now if you notice - there are two, even larger, versions of this photo available here. The first is pretty large - the next is much larger. If you are on a dial-up connection, you will need to give it time to load.     Oh yeah, It's worth it.

     In my own defense - the lines you see in the photo are not from my assembling of the separate scans to create this online photo. And there are is a bit of deformation too. It is apparently from the original photo as it was assembled way back then. You can't see mine. Technology marches on.

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