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Dennis's Adventures in Vietnam 1968-1969 - Howard Dennis Johnson

If you have any additional name, date, MOS, hometown info, please send it in. Corrections too, please.

 Storm coming.  Entrance sign - NO photographs allowed.  The ammunition dump inside the camp area.  Our friend - concertina wire waiting for setup.  Our compound one.  Compound at Phu Hiep.  Compound at Phu Hiep.  Secure burn area - right.
 Shower area.  More concertina wire.  Lizard.  Rich Orsino and Dennis.  Dennis at Phu Hiep.  Dennis and the water buffalo.  Dennis and Damnit the puppy.  Dennis - fishin the easy way.
 Dennis.  Dennis.  Dennis.  Dennis.  Road trip one.  Road trip six.  Before weapons check.  After weapons check.
 Phu Hiep (foo hep).  Hi-Tech barbecuing in 1968 Vietnam.  Waiting to pounce on the steaks.  Artillery shelling near base camp.  Relaxing.  More relaxing.  Ralph the dog.  Step right up.

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