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 Me at Ft. Ord, July 1966.  Ft. Devens, Co. G barracks early 1967.  Ft. Devens, Parade Field early 1967..  Danny Von Alpendorff - Danny the Dog - Co. D mascot.  Just before going to our separate units, May 1967.  Me at Pleiku - 374th RRC, June 1967.  Me and Vern on leave in June 1968.
 Me, leaving to return to the 404th, Jul 01, 68.  Me at Tuy Hoa, July 1968.  Sam Morrow and all our equipment - somewhere, in 1968.  Vern - a bit after Viet Nam 1987.  Gary Snodgrass in 1990.  Tiny with our Newfoundland.  50 Piastre bill.
 Detachment in formation.  Casual photo of the Detachement at Tuy Hoa.  My Mom's Birthday Greeting 1968.

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