404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne)

173d Airborne Brigade (Separate)

•  O R D E R S  •

     This idea came about because of a section I found on the  "Old Spooks & Spies  website.

     I saw the link there and while exploring the site I found a copy of my original orders assigning me to Vietnam. This was a bit exciting as the Veteran's Administration sent me a letter some years ago that had the curious statement - "There is no evidence you were ever in Vietnam." Considering the fact that, while not complete, my DD-214 does say I was there. Numerous letters to them produced no responses at all, let alone answers to the mis-statement they made.

     So - if you have any copies of your orders while during your time in Vietnam - please send either the original orders to me, or a good scanned copy. If you are going to scan them in - please lay them out 'square' to the scanner, scan them at, at least at 200 dpi, as a 'black and white photograph' (JPG or TIF), and at 'full size' for later printing. Please leave all personal identifiers readable. I will resize them, and make them info PDFs as needed.

     If you send the originals to me, I will scan them in - I will block personal identifing information before uploading them - and return the originals to you.

     This is so they can be displayed publicly (without the identifiers), but I can get someone a good 'complete' page without their info being blocked out.

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