404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne)

173d Airborne Brigade (Separate)

Unit History

·  Covers the time period of 01 June 1967 to 30 June 1968  ·
Materials compiled and written by Capt. Don Gordon - our CO at the time of this document.
Read it all the way through - There's plenty to learn - even if you were there!


    This background provides context for a 404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne) unit history report ( see separate sections noted below ) during a one year period of the Vietnam War. This military unit is correctly abbreviated 404th RRD (Abn).

    The 404th RRD (Abn) was constituted on 30 April 1965 in the Regular Army as the 404th Army Security Agency Detachment and activated on 3 May 1965 at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The 404th was deactivated 1 April 1972 in Vietnam. ( The 404th was reactivated 16 June 2000 as the 404th Military Intelligence Company assigned to the Regular Army. ) This report covers only the period 1 June 1967 to 30 June 1968.

    During this period, the 404th was assigned to the 303rd Radio Research Battalion and then reassigned to the 313th Radio Research Battalion attached to the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Separate). *1 

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 ASA Units in Vietnam 
 ASA Designated Radio Research Units 
 Attached in Direct Support 
 Special Intelligence 
 The Supported Unit - The 173d Abn Bde (Sep) 
 The 404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne) 
 The Detachment Outreaches its Support? 
 404th RRD (Airborne) Operations 
 In Memory of Those Lost in Vietnam 
 The Presidential Unit Citation  
 Meritorious Unit Commendations 
 Republic of Vietnam Cross of Gallantry with Palm 
 The Legion of Merit - Ed Minnock 
 For All Who Served 
 Campaign Participation in Vietnam 
 Lineage of the 404th RRD (Airborne) 

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1 - The “Separate” designation indicates that the 173rd was not assigned to an Army division as were most brigades in Vietnam.

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