404th Radio Research Detachment (Airborne)

173d Airborne Brigade (Separate)

Military Intelligence Corps Hall of Fame

Sp5 Edward F Minnock
1990 Hall of Fame Inductee

 Legion of Merit.

    In the Spring of 1968, while a member of the 404 Radio Research Detachment, Edward Minnock, as a PFC, predicted an attack on Tuy Hoa City. He accurately assessed the situation as to the enemy units involved and their strength, the targets and the time of the attack, as well as other details of the assault.

    Private Minnock briefed the brigade and subordinate commanders, as well as the commander of a Korean regiment and his American advisor.

    "His truly remarkable achievement is a textbook example of the difference that can be made in the outcome of a combat action by the initiative of one individual soldier."

    For his actions, PFC Minnock was decorated with the Legion of Merit, the only private ever accorded that honor, in the history of the United States Army. Read the entire story  here .

Ed Minnock - Bridgewater State University vice president, 63 dies unexpectedly

By Matt Stout – The Enterprise – Posted Aug 03, 2011 @ 01:27 PM

Edward Minnock, who as Bridgewater State University’s vice president of external affairs served as the face of the institution to everyone from the town to other countries, died unexpectedly Tuesday after collapsing in his office. He was 63.

“The loss here is very deep, very profound for a number of people,” university spokeswoman Eva Gaffney said Wednesday. “His outreach was significant beyond the campus and, as a result, he forged a lot of relationships. He will have a huge legacy here.”

Minnock had recently returned from lunch with Town Manager Troy Clarkson on Tuesday. When he didn’t attend a 1:30 p.m. meeting, university staff grew concerned, and a student worker eventually found him shortly after 2 p.m. in his second-floor office in Boyden Hall.

He was taken to Brockton Hospital Signature Healthcare, where he was pronounced dead, Gaffney said.

Described as engaging and diligent in his work, Minnock celebrated 10 years at the university in January, Gaffney said.

Minnock served as the direct liaison between the university and Bridgewater town officials, and Clarkson on Wednesday credited him with playing a huge role in repairing what was a “strained” relationship between the two.

“Everything positive that has happened in the last year and half between the town and university had Ed Minnock’s fingerprints on it,” said Clarkson, who called Minnock both a “dear friend to the town” and a “trusted adviser to me personally.”

The university is gathering details for an on-campus tribute, Gaffney said. Finals arrangements are also being planned, she said.
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