Heading for A Provocateur's Journal.
Contrarian optimism, cheerfully brought to you by your Consulting Cynic - Barry Kintner

    Just what the heck is this? Good question. The Journal is simply a collection of thoughts about everyday things. Everyday things lost in the rush to “feel good” while the world around you goes to hell. An attempt to visualize all that might be. It is an irregular eruption of thought about - Must things be the way they are? and Why? An attempt to refocus on some of our worlds’ problems in order to eradicate them - for a time. It will be a vessel for questions seemingly not important enough to be addressed by any commercial publication. Positive thought running rampant with possibility. Unrestrained by the necessity of profit.     Ain’t computers great! Address all comments to me - as there is no one else responsible for this.  Click here for the Table of Contents   Click for Table of Contents.

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